Annesta Le is a contemporary artist who has been living and working in Brooklyn since 2006. She typically works on canvas with heavy acrylic and oil paints, and she also specializes in bending neon glass. Annesta’s aesthetic is characterized by her use of strong, bold, expressive – yet unbridled – marks in a highly contrasted color palette.

Born to Vietnamese immigrant parents who escaped the country in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, her formative years were marked by emotional turbulence. Annesta’s art is fueled by the grit and determination she developed in her capricious upbringing, often torn between the tempest of chaos and responsibility. In her teens, Annesta honed her creative skills through graphic design and programming. After landing her first client at just 15 years old, she was featured in Visual Arts Trends magazine thereafter as an upcoming young designer. Annesta’s artistic ability flourished further when she discovered liberty and a conscious sense of self through painting on canvas in a bold, abstract style and experimenting with neon.

Annesta has developed an intuitive style and self-awareness in her process and product with both abstract painting on canvas and neon pieces. Her art is dynamic in its creation – an open, experimental, unpredictable method balancing the intentional and unintentional. Subsequently, each piece becomes a life form unto itself, enabling the viewer to become entangled viscerally and emotionally. The resultant compositions are intense, energetic, and interconnected, highlighting the spontaneity and uniqueness of her work.

Annesta presented her first solo show in November 2014 at Parenthesis Art Space in Brooklyn, New York.  Annesta also showed her work at the inaugural edition of X Contemporary during Miami Art Week in 2015 at Art Basel Miami Beach, with shows in 2016 in Chicago at the Zhou B Art Center as well as her first museum group show in Italy at the Museo Internazionale Italia Arte. She was also recently awarded the Peter S. Reed Foundation grant for 2017.